Nordic Jade Jacquard Luxury Bedding Set
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Nordic Jade Jacquard Pattern Close up
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Nordic Jade Jacquard Luxury Pillow Set

Nordic Jade Jacquard Luxury Bedding Set

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Nordic Jade Jacquard Luxury Bedding Set

No matter which region of the globe inspires and interests you most, this piece is going to be an instant favorite. That's why we picked it!

  • Fabric Density: 133 x 76
  • Size: 8m (6 feet), 2.0m (6.6 feet), 1.5m (5 feet)
  • Material: 40% Polyester / 60% Cotton
  • Jacquard Pattern
  • Thread Count: 600TC
  • Grade A
  • Weight: 5 - 3.5kg
  • Pieces: Choose from 4 Piece or 6 Piece
  • Available in: King and Queen Sizing
  • Size of Cushion Cover: Inner size 55x55cm, Outer size 75x75cm

This stunner from our Jacquard Collection, made from a beautiful aqua-toned jade, and a light and regal pale gold, is one of our favorites. The amazing color combo is one that can easily pair with just about any taste, style, or theme. Add to your oceanic inspired bedroom, or your Moroccan themed guest room. Either way, this piece will be a focal point of which there will be plenty of conversation and adoration.

Made of the most luxurious blend of cotton and polyester, and with a thread count of 600, this bedding is soft, silky, and smooth to the touch. Getting into bed will quickly become one of your most favorite activities of the day, if it isn't already! This blend has the ability to be both cool and breathable in the summer, as well as warm and restoring in the winter. It is best for any sleep preference, trust us!

The jacquard style detailing on the duvet, cushion covers, and sheet edging, is one for the ages. It's a classic, yet bold pattern, appreciated best from a closer view. It's just the right amount of detail, to add that extra layer of intrigue to any room. This style of weaving is also meant to be durable, and last for generations. With this in mind, know that you may never have to change styles of bedding through the seasons – this one is perfect for them all!

Available in King and Queen sizing, as well as your choice of 4 or 6 pieces, including 1 duvet cover, 1 bedsheet, and 2 standard pillow cases in both sets, and 2 cushion covers in the 6 piece set. Still not completely sold? Check out our full list below for all the reasons to be head over heels in love with this bedding set!

We recommend pairing with neutrals and earth tones, such as dark brown, taupe, and pale green. Add accessories in silver and gold, for a little more glitz and glamour, or soft-toned linen accessories for a more down to earth, look. A pale toned wood would pair beautifully, but since this piece is so versatile, you can't really go wrong either way.

For more inspiration, or just to check out some incredibly beautiful works of art, check out the rest of our Jacquard Collection. We only pick pieces of the finest quality and materials for our customers and friends, and are convinced you will adore all of the sets, and all of our collections!

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